Top things you can do in Tokyo for free

What time is it? Adventure time!

Tokyo is among the most expensive cities to live in and to visit in the globe. Although it has this reputation, you still can find free things to do in Tokyo:

Drop by the Meiji Shrine

This shrine in the heart of the big garden in the city of Tokyo was constructed to honor the former emperor of Japan, Meiji. Aside from this one, you can still find a good number of shrines in Tokyo paying tribute to the dead, former leaders, heroes, warriors and other icons of the Japanese history and culture.

Visit the Sensoji Temple

The Sensoji Temple is the oldest of all the temples in the bustling city of Tokyo. It was constructed back in the 7th century. The locals believe that the smoke coming from the incense burning in front of the temple can help cure different illnesses. There are also vendors around the temple from whom you can buy bean cakes, green tea ice cream, rice crackers, and local delicacies.

Join Tokyo festivals

The Japanese culture celebrates a good number of festivals. There is one in Tokyo practically every month. The celebration centers around driving away evil, celebrating death , flowers, stars, nature, or praying for fertility.

Hop between museums

Tokyo is home to some good museums. And the good news is that you can visit them for free. Explore the Japanese culture by visiting the Sumo museum, Postage museum, Beer museum, Stationery museum, Currency museum, Advertising museum and a lot more.

So that is  it for today’s post. Now you know what to do and how to save your money.I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and what is more important I hope you learned something from it. If you did, please share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below. I love reading you you have to say, because reading your comments helps me to improve my blog! Thank you!

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